BYWAYS: Hometown Challenge [Australia]

Byways Entries

International Support. The Byways books may key off of the fifty states as their threefold adventure unfolds, but that doesn’t mean the race is limited to American fans. Much to my delight, a bundle of international postcards arrived from a reader in Australia! The photographs of Armidale in New South Wales show several facets of the city she calls home. Take a look…

Armidale NSW

Thank you, Arian, for taking part in the Hometown Challenge!

I’ll be dropping an EXCLUSIVE Hometown Challenge postcard in the mail, complete with an impression from Ewan’s stamp, since she’s cheering on the eldest brother in the race. Do you want to see the special “Banner Boys” art by my illustrator Hannah Christenson? Then take up the challenge and send me a postcard from your hometown! *Just don’t forget to include a return address!* More details here >>

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