#amreading Challenges

Ever done an Alphabet Challenge on Goodreads? Finding books that start with “X” is a challenge all on its own. In The X’ed-Out X-Ray, a trio of friends encounter another mystery after winning tickets to a Penelope Gwinn (a.k.a. Penguin) concert. Her diamond necklace is stolen, and Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose think they may have seen the culprit. In the third installment of the Track series, we learn about Sunny, who’s weird in his own wonderful way. But also sad and angry and lonely and honest and real. And another A-Z Challenge pick: Zepha the Monster Squid. Having accomplished his first Beast Quest (Bk 1-6), Tom was supposed to receive a marvelous suit of armor as his reward. But before the king can bestow it, it’s stolen, and the pieces are scattered. Tom must now gather the pieces, a task made difficult by a whole new set of Beasts he will have to conquer. I’ve begun collecting the Beast Quest titles whenever I go thrifting.

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