#amreading Diversely

Morning Girl is a picture of life on an island in the south, where life is simple. The people have few needs, strong feelings, and traditions that pique a reader’s curiosity. Perspective shifts between two siblings, known as Morning Girl and Star Boy. Patina is the second installment of the Track series, in which we learn more about Patty’s story. Her struggles at a new school. What it’s like being raised by her godparents. The traditions she carries on with her little sister. And her reasons for running. In Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World, Justin’s had just about enough of living with girls, and he doesn’t see why he should be expected to do “women’s work.” When his grandfather visits, he invites Justin to come back with him to the ranch, where he learns a bit about his family’s history, which changes his perspectives a lot. Contemporary (written in the 1980s), but sprinkled with historical accounts and information about black cowboys in America.

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