New Year – New Reading Goal

Doing it Different. This year, I’m switching up how I choose the books I’ll read. I’m a big fan of reading challenges, and I regularly participate in three:

  • A to Z Challenge (Great Middle Grade Reads)
  • Series Challenge (Great Middle Grade Reads)
  • Reading Bingo Boards (Middle Grade Carousel)

The only problem is that I’m always choosing books because they fit the challenge. And waiting to read many books I’m eager for … until they fit a challenge. I’m tired of putting them off! So this year, I decided to scan my shelves and compile a list of 100 Middle Grade Books that I will (finally) read in 2021. Many are recent releases. Some are part of a series or trilogy I started. And all of them are books I can’t wait to pick up!

Since many of these books are long(ish), I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal much lower this year: 100 books. If I clear that goal early, great! I’ll nudge it up in increments until the end of the year. Will I diverge from the set list? Of course! Those 100 titles are all middle grade books, but I also read in other genres (mostly historical and paranormal mysteries). AND I’ll still be working toward an A to Z Challenge & playing Bingo each month. Lots of wiggle room & diversity.

Want a peek at my book list? I’ll be sharing it in bits & pieces in upcoming blog posts (and probably on Twitter, too.) Follow along!

Here’s to a new year! May every title be star-worthy!

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