SKETCH: Down the Stairs [Byways #8]

Down the Stairs small header

Gently turning the knob, Ewan opened the door to a gush of steam. He squinted into a walled room that was open to the stars. A burble-slurp brought his attention to its pool. The black water rippled as if something had ducked under.

—excerpted from Byways #8, Down the Stairs: A Ewan Johns Adventure

Local Legend. Ewan Johns takes a wrong turn, and a spring storm strands him on a mountain that’s wrapped in steam and strange stories. Byways #8, Down the Stairs releases later this month, and you can read the whole adventure then. In the meantime, I’ll give you a peek at Hannah Christenson’s sketch for his cover.

Book 8, sketch

Which of the Byways stories have you already read? Are you looking forward to the next trio of titles?

Release Date: October 27

Byways, 8, 9, 10, coming soon

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