MAILBAG: Gonzales, Texas

03 Mail Bag

One of the reasons I issued the Byways Hometown Challenge was so I could get a peek at the different corners of the world where readers are from. Every place is special for one reason or another. And many towns have a claim to fame. Lately, my post office box has been bursting with good things. And so today, I’ll show you the lovely pile of postcards sent from Megan in Gonzales, Texas.

Her packet arrived safely tucked into a card with a profusion of pink blossoms which she said would look pretty garlanding Ewan’s antlers. (Wouldn’t that make a lovely picture!) And I snapped a picture of the raccoon sticker she added for Ganix. So cute!

Racoon Sticker from Megan

Megan’s letter detailed some highlights of historic Gonzales, Texas … with a postcard for each of the spots around town.

Hometown Challenge, Gonzales TX

Thank you, Megan!

stamp-TX, Gonzales

Have you taken part in the Byways Hometown Challenge yet? Please do!

3 thoughts on “MAILBAG: Gonzales, Texas

  1. I hope my batch of postcards didn’t give other people the impression that they needed to send multiples as well! On the other hand, it’s so hard to choose the best one! :)


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