TENNESSEE TRIP: Mini-Challenge

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Nashville. Once upon a time, I lived roundabout Nashville, Tennessee, and next week I have the chance to go back for a visit. Since travel is one of the best excuses for sending postcards, I’m issuing another mini-challenge. If you’ll review one of CJ’s titles before 8/24/15, I’ll put a little something in your mailbox.

Byways Books

Byways x7

Galleries of Stone

Galleries of Stone Trilogy

Please do compose an honest review with potential readers in mind.  Also, be sure to comment here, letting me know you took part. Have you already reviewed all those titles? I’ll be issuing the same challenge over on ChristaKinde.com, where there are four more titles to consider. And as always … thank you for lending these books your support. ~CJ

1 thought on “TENNESSEE TRIP: Mini-Challenge

  1. I commented earlier on one of your posts. Hope your trip was fun!
    (Can’t wait to get home in September to see what’s in my mailbox!)


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