RELEASE: Rakefang

The Trilogy is Complete!

Galleries of Stone Trilogy

Book Birthday! Today’s the release day for the third volume in the Galleries of Stone trilogy. Rakefang just went live on Amazon … and should be available soon in other book venues. BUY IT NOW! >>

After years of searching for someone brave enough,
Tupper Meadowsweet finds her at Pennyflax & Quince.

Tupper Meadowsweet is a young man by Flox reckoning, but he no longer fits in with his own people. Wild hair, stealthy grace, and foreign fashions make it obvious that he’s lived with Pred since boyhood. For three years, he’s been on the lookout for someone brave enough to follow him onto the legendary Moonlit Mountain. The last place he expected to find her was at Pennyflax & Quince. Meanwhile, Master Freydolf faces the challenge of shaping his masterpiece while the Statuary’s close-knit community deals with new additions, cross-cultural courting traditions, magical meddling, mixed ancestry, and kidnapping.
ISBN: [e-book] 978-1-63123-012-7

R04 Lioness

17 thoughts on “RELEASE: Rakefang

      1. Well then, I can hardly wait! I’ve loved every Harrow introduced so far, so another one will be more than welcome <3


  1. Yes! My second son has been following me around all day with puppy dog eyes asking for me to check again to see if it was available. I wonder how much sleep he will get tonight? I’m looking forward to my reading time tomorrow now too!


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