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Bookings and Bookmarks. I’m gearing up for my first school visit of the new year, hoping to inspire future authors. Since I write books, I know a thing or two about the stuff of stories. There’ll be a fair amount of stuff and nonsense, wit and world-building, and maybe even a pinch of pixie dust. All in all, I’m looking forward to a good day. And something I’m really excited to share: the brand new Byways bookmarks that arrived from the printer!

Jovan Bookmark

The featured art is “Fairy Kestrels” by Katie Hofgard, and the character is Jovan, Zane’s best (and only) friend. You’ll see plenty of magical critters in the Byways Books—griffins, firebirds, unicorns, dragons, and more. Look forward to these eensy, glowy kestrels in Book #7, Into the Hills, which releases in May 2015.

Now Available!


Introduce yourself to the Johns family for just 99¢ with Byways, Book #1,
On Your Marks: The Adventure BeginsAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


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