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Every Byways book is a story, but it’s also a game. There’s an educational element to this series of kids chapter books. Details in each story are borrowed from its assigned state. (As in the United States of America.) Byways will work through all fifty in order of ratification, so Book #1 covers our first state—Delaware. Sharp-eyed readers will spot cities and towns, icons and emblems, famous firsts and claims to fame. Hide and seek. Search and find. Fun and learning.

Family Crest, DE

Let’s give a quick sampling of details from Byways #1, On Your Marks: the Adventure Begins.


  • Ganix asks for a peach pie on his next birthday. That’s Delaware’s state dessert.
  • The Johns’ family estate is surrounded by holly trees, which are Delaware’s state tree.
  • Zane’s mother’s family motto is the same as Delaware’s—”Liberty and Independence.”
  • Jovan’s swallowtail coat was inspired by Delaware’s state butterfly, the tiger swallowtail.
  • Delaware is the only state with a rounded state boundary—Twelve Mile Circle. This little detail led to the creation of the Johns’ hometown, Circle City.
  • Uncle Vanek’s wife Odessa is named after one of Delaware’s cities. So is Ian’s wife Laurel.
  • The reason why Jovan plays the viola is because there’s a town in Delaware called Viola.

Ask Yourself

  • Who is on Delaware’s state quarter? What’s his claim to fame?

Are you from Delaware? Have you been to Delaware? Do tell!

When will we get to your state?
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