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Meadowsweet is inching closer to publication. This week, I finished a meticulous final edit and swapped notes with my trusty proofers. Some assiduous pruning left my manuscript about 1,000 words lighter. Let’s hear it for lean prose!

Other indie publishing landmarks:

• I learned how to create a linked table of contents.
• After a little fiddling, I’m satisfied with the new prologue.
• There’s finally a dedication (of sorts) on the dedication page.
• My book has an honest-to-goodness ISBN on its copyright page.
• Dozens of spot illustrations are anchored in place.

As promised, here’s a small sampling of the illustrations you’ll find throughout Meadowsweet. Hannah Christenson created more then seventy of these from my lists, and they make charming scene breaks. Here’s an example of her initial sketches:

Scene Break Sketches

These would have been wonderful all on their own, but Hannah went above and beyond by adding color. If your e-reader lets you see illustrations in color, you’re in for a multitude of tiny treats!

Scene Break Items

Release day is almost here! Until then,


More Spot Illustrations for Book 2: Harrow >>

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