RELEASE: Meadowsweet is on Amazon

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December 1, 2013 is release day (the book birthday) for Meadowsweet, Book 1 in the Galleries of Stone trilogy. After hitting “publish” earlier today, Amazon was the first to make the book available for purchase. The story approaches the Epic category, clocking in at nearly 400 print pages, and there are illustrations throughout. Cost is set at $5.99, and it’ll download to your computer or e-reader in minutes.

Meadowsweet by CJMilbrandt, upload cover

• You can read the first few chapters (including the new prologue!) thanks to Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature! Check it out!
• Thank you for your support. Please consider purchasing the book, reviewing the story, adding Meadowsweet to your GoodReads shelves & lists, and telling your friends about Freydolf and Tupper! : )
Meadowsweet will soon be available from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

2 thoughts on “RELEASE: Meadowsweet is on Amazon

  1. Is it only available for Kindle/e-readers? I don’t own any such devices myself, but I loved Galleries of Stone and would like to be able to read it again.


    1. Yes, you can still read Meadowsweet even if you don’t have all the latest gadgets. For instance, Kindle has a free desktop edition, and if you have an account at Amazon, you can utilize their Cloud Reader. If you prefer, this is also the case for both NOOK (Barnes & Noble) and Kobo, the other two outlets where my story is currently available.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the story all over again! ♥



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