BINGO reads

First Bingo! I’ve been on a reading binge. Some of it’s my crazy summertime schedule, because my brain fogs over during the hot (hot, hot) part of the afternoon. Some of it’s the addition of audio book walks to my exercise routine (usually late at night, when it isn’t quite so hot, hot, hot.)

CJs Bingo Board, June 2020

I’ve been making piles of “next up” books to go for a second BINGO. I’m currently reading Wonder at the Edge of the World, which I intended to fit the “know or wonder in the title” square. Turns out, it has strong STEM/STEAM themes, so I’ll bump it up and read You Don’t Know Everything, Jilly P for that square. “Title starts with W” is a cinch since I picked up the sequel to The Lighthouse Between the Worlds.

How’s your BINGO board filling in?

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