#amreading Cautiously

Book Report 33

Every so often, I’ll hit a patch of books that I’d be cautious to recommend (for one reason or another). Unclaimed Treasures is a slice-of-life story with a quirky cast. I did a double-take when it opened with an open casket in the parlor and serving wine to children. And it did get odder (in parts), but was also sort of wistful and lovely (in parts). Such is life? Starfire introduces us to herds of winged horses and the plight of the single black foal who’s a child of prophecy. Beware. Vicious, with vivid descriptions that would unsettle sensitive children. No Such Thing as Dragons is one of those rare MG thrillers. Solid storytelling with edge-of-your-seat action. It’s basically a monster movie. Many things (and people) die messily.

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