BYWAYS: Behind the Scenes

Byways, for the website

Let’s take another peek behind the scenes! Book #9 in the Byways series is one of Zane’s adventures. He follows his nose to the sweet-smelling town of Sugar Hill, where he and Jovan take a turn stirring the steaming vats of maple sap that will become syrup and sugar. But there’s been some trouble, and rangers have tacked up so many posters.


Zane pulled back the curling edge of a faded poster tacked to an old birch.

For your own safety,
stay on the roads.

The order was signed by Ranger Wilton Londonderry. But in sloppy painted letters, someone had added extra warnings.

“Beware the Red Menace,” read Jovan. 

Zane’s eyes were shining with excitement as he read the last line. “Phantoms in the Forest!”

Here’s what’s hidden behind the header on the cover of Byways Book #9, Through the Notches: A Zane Johns Adventure.


More to come in weeks ahead …

_09 Through the Notches by C. J. Milbrandt

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