CHIT-CHAT: Nashville

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CJMK. While I don’t have any trouble juggling two pennames, it can be awkward explaining to someone new that I’m two people (give or take). Yep, I’m CJ, author of family-friendly fantasy … but I’m also Christa, author of Christian speculative fiction (angels & demons & heroes, oh my!). Both of me are here in Nashville, TN for the #ACFW2016 Conference.

C. J. Milbrandt & Christa Kinde

We’re staying in Hermitage, which is named for Andrew Jackson’s presidential home. Out behind my MIL’s place, I found a verdant spot with outcroppings of gray stone. ‘Twas a wonderful perch for watching the fireflies and wait for moonrise. No, it’s not Morven … but it’s lovely nonetheless.

Gray Stone and Verdant Backdrop

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