GOODREADS: Giveaway Winners

GoodReads Giveaway

Big batch of books went out to GoodReads winners this morning. Have you had luck signing up for their giveaways? I have three Byways titles in their giveaway queue at the moment. Head on over, drop your name in the proverbial hat, and friend/follow me while you’re at it. CJMilbrandt on GoodReads >>

EDIT: Links to the current Byways giveaways on GoodReads:

Ending on July 15:
Byways #5 – HERE
Byways #6 – HERE
Byways #7 – HERE

Ending on August 1:
Byways #8 – HERE
Byways #9 – HERE
Byways #10 – HERE

**If you follow me or have my books in your To Read lists, GoodReads will notify you of future giveaways! ; )

2 thoughts on “GOODREADS: Giveaway Winners

  1. How do you find the Byways Giveaway? Is it already over? I tried searching for tags in the giveaway section but couldn’t find it! I didn’t know about GoodReads before though! So I at least gave you lots of ratings and a follow! And entering other giveaways! Free books!? !!

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