MILESTONE: Byways Anniversary

Byways, two by five

Two years ago today, the Byways series was “born on the 4th of July.” On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins kicks off a three-way storyline that follows the courses of three brothers. Ewan, Zane, and Ganix take sibling rivalry to new lengths as they race each other across their homeland. While Liberty isn’t anything like the USA, each book in the unfolding tale takes its cue from one of the fifty states. That educational twist sets these children’s chapter books apart, proving that learning can be all kinds of fun.

Stowaways. Runaways. Royalty. Rogues. Magic. Mischief. Luck. Learning.

The first ten Byways Books are available in hardback, paperback, and digital editions. COMING SOON: Byways 11 – 13 will round out the original 13 colonies with three new adventures:

Byways #11, Beneath the Torch: A Ewan Johns Adventure [New York] *crossover
Byways #12, In the Middle: A Zane Johns Adventure [North Carolina]
Byways #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure [Rhode Island]

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