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#amreading: 2018 Reading Challenge

May of 2017 was when I jumped in and really learned the ropes at GoodReads, a wonderful site for book lovers. I put down a 50-book goal for the 2017 Reading Challenge. I began writing reviews for every book I finished. I organized my shelves. I joined an online book club and read their Book of the Month. I took part in an A-Z Challenge. I entered giveaways. I even created a bunch of lists on Listopia. And by the end of the year, logging into GoodReads became an enjoyable part of my daily routine.

So here we are in January 2018, and I have the Whole Year ahead! I’ve set a new goal for the site’s 2018 Reading Challenge, and I’ve signed up for a handful of other reading challenges in the groups.

GoodReads Reading Challenge

GoodReads 2018 Reading Challenge
my goal is 150 Books

Great Middle Grade Reads A-Z Challenge
my goal is to get through the alphabet twice

All About YA Master of Reading Challenge
my goal is to read 20 books in the steampunk genre

How about you? What are your reading goals for the new year?
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#amreading Like Crazy

Here are more books I read in July…

amreading, July 2017

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is a grin- and giggle-inducing adventure with a fairy tale twist. In the songs of the bards, every princess is known by name, but the princes are simply called … charming. Four prince charmings band together to save the kingdom. There are currently two other books in the series.

Jinx kicks off a fantasy trilogy. The Urwald is a vast forest with an abundance of dangers: tolls, werebears, elves, witches, and evil wizards. When Jinx’s caretakers abandon him in the woods, he’s found by an evil wizard who isn’t so bad. Probably.

The Anybodies is a switched at birth story in which Fern discovers that her very boring parents aren’t hers. She carries a much stranger legacy. Her father is an Anybody. And Fern seems to have her mother’s knack with books.

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#amreading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge. One of the fun features on GoodReads is their annual reading challenge. You can set a goal for how many books you want to read during the year, and they’ll help you track your progress. Over the weekend, I hit the goal I’d set for myself—30 books. So I went ahead and adjusted my goal for 2017. I’m now working toward 50 books for the year. Here are three (great!) titles I read in June.

amreading, June 2017

In addition, I joined a GoodReads group—Great Middle Grade Reads. Members can take part in their annual A-Z Challenge by Continue reading #amreading Challenge

GoodReads Giveaways

You’re a Winner! Earlier today I sent off three books to the winners of my most recent giveaway for the Byways series. They’ll receive signed copies of Book #7, Across the Line: A Ganix Johns Adventure. Do you enter the giveaways on GoodReads? Have you ever won a book?

GoodReads Giveaway, Bk7.JPG

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Byways, 5, 6, 7Byways Books #5, #6, and #7 are now on GoodReads! The librarians at GoodReads are amazing folks. I needed them to go in and fix a few details behind the scenes so that the Byways Books were listing correctly on my author page … and the librarian assisting me asked if I’d like them to create a series page for Byways. O___O  YES! (Please and thank you!) Check it out: Byways series by C. J. Milbrandt. And if you track your reading on GoodReads, go in and add the newest books to your virtual shelves.

01 On Your Marks 600I’m happy to announce that Byways Book 1: On Your Marks is now listed on YA Books Central, a site that features both kids’ stories and books for young adults. This is a great place to browse for books, and you can rate and review stories.

On Your Marks is also listed on GoodReads, so don’t hesitate to add this series starter to your virtual bookshelf. Help spread the word that there’s a race on!  CJ

Harrow 220 tallJust a quick note to let you know that Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow is now listed alongside Meadowsweet on YA Books Central. If you’ve read and enjoyed this second book in the trilogy, I would greatly appreciate your support. Taking the time to read, rate, and review each of my stories is quite possibly the best way you can help me out.

You can also find Harrow on GoodReads. Have you added it to your virtual bookshelf yet? Now’s your chance!