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FOLKS: Haimish

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He was mostly made of brownstone, just like the griffin upstairs, and Tupper couldn’t resist reaching up to touch the statue’s broad chest. Richly hued stone the color of bark suited the man quite well, for there was no mistaking his claws and long, wild hair. “He’s Pred!” Tupper exclaimed.

“Aye. His name is Haimish.”

Circling the brown statue, Tupper paid attention to every detail. Haimish was as tall as Freydolf, but not as broad in the shoulder. In a way, he looked like a younger version of his master, but not quite. A different nose, downcast eyes, and fancier clothes.

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 2: Harrow

Half a Lifetime Ago. In the second book of the Galleries of Stone trilogy, readers meet one of Freydolf’s early statues, a brownstone Pred named Haimish. This stone guardian wasn’t sculpted by a master, so he has his share of faults. As Frey tells Tupper, “He’s shy, awkward, lonely, and he meant well in spite of all the trouble he caused.” Continue reading FOLKS: Haimish