Lock & Key Books

We’re halfway through the month already. Here are my book finds for the themes we set for May.

Day 01 – Key in the Title – There are dozens and dozens of possibilities. I just picked a few that I hadn’t featured anytime recently.

Day 02 – A Door on the Cover – Again, doors are a big deal in middle grade stories. I mean, hey! Portal Fantasy is a huge sub-genre. These are just a few. Look around! There are many, many more.

Day 03 – Inspired by Sherlock Holmes – I see we’re already getting creative with the them. Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite literary characters, so I’m always reaching for books inspired by the great detective.

Day 04 – Main Character is a Thief – another very popular theme in middle grade.

Day 05 – Gates on the Cover – Nearly as popular as doors, and always opening a way into intriguing places.

Day 06 – Piano Keys on the Cover – This was a tricky one. I had to do some poking around, but in the process, I added new books to my To Read pile.

Day 07 – Books about Codes or Puzzles – I love books with codes to break or puzzles to solve. And don’t even get me started on word games!

Day 08 – A Key on the Cover – Oodles and lots of these. Here are a few.

Day 09 – The Loch Ness Monster – I see what you did there, Elza. What’s not to love about cryptids?

Day 10 – Lock in the Title – While keys are absolutely everywhere, it was trickier to find titles with “lock” in them. One was easy. The Lock-Eater is sitting on my bedside table!

Day 11 – Characters in Law Enforcement – A policeman, a prison guard, and FBI agents!

Day 12 – Favorite Fictional Diaries – always an interesting perspective, and especially fun when illustrated

Day 13 – A Book about an Escape – Maybe it’s a game. Maybe they’re running for their life.

Day 14 – Bookish Maps – I love a journey tale. And if there’s one thing I know about maps, it’s that they always have a key.

Day 15 – A School Locker on the Cover – Found ’em! Often lurking in the backdrop of books set at school.

That’s the first half of May! I hope you’ll continue with us as we explore all the possibilities of Lock & Key on Middle Grade Carousel.

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