#amreading Hijinks

All’s Faire in Middle School is a graphic novel. Imogene, who goes by Impy, has always been homeschooled, but this year, she’ll be attending the local middle school. Fitting in proves to be a challenge, in part because Impy’s family work at the Ren Faire. So while she can juggle and sword fight and insult passersby with Elizabethan flourish, Squire Impy doesn’t understand the rules of middle school, where cliques rule the day instead of queens. Being the new kid is harder than slaying dragons. Booked is a novel in verse about a boy who loves soccer, hates reading the dictionary, and hopes to impress the prettiest girl in his class. All while navigating his parents’ separation. Ungifted is a lot of fun! Thanks to a chance mix-up, Donovan (wreaker of havoc & troublemaker extraordinaire) finds himself transferred into an elite school for super geniuses. It’s a nice place, so he floats along, partly because he doesn’t want the superintendent to find him (due to past havoc & attendant trouble), partly because he kind of likes the kids in his class.

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