#amreading Independently

In Here Lies the Librarian, Peewee is doing just fine, dressing like a boy, working in her big brother’s automotive shop. But then their town sets out to hire a new librarian, and Peewee’s whole way of life takes an interesting (if unwanted) turn. Wonder at the Edge of the World is about Lu Wonder, who lives in a Kansas town set ablaze by racial conflicts. Abolitionists and slave owners are at war, and nobody is safe from the fallout, especially Lu, because the one stirring up trouble is on a personal vendetta against Lu’s father, the famous (and discredited) explorer who discovered Antarctica. Historical fiction with a twist of black magic threading through it. Pitting science against impossible things. Finding wisdom and kindness in other cultures. Doing the right thing even when it’s terrifying. The Courage of Sarah Noble is classic for good reason. Eight-year-old Sarah accompanies her father on a long trek through wild country. She’s along to cook and to be company for him. The plan is to build a new house so everything’s ready before bringing the rest of the family. The trip takes courage. As does meeting their new neighbors, for there’s an Indian settlement close by.

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