#amreading greens & golds

Dragon is the seventh book in the Five Ancestors series and delivers a solid finish. In Granny Torrelli Makes Soup, Rosie sometimes gets upset with her best-friend-since-always Bailey, especially when a new girl in the neighborhood takes a shine to him. No one is better at diffusing tension than Granny Torrelli, who comes over to cook and to tell stories about when she was Rosie’s age. Both the food and her grandmother’s honesty and humor do help. Tumble & Blue turned out to be a favorite read for the year. Somewhere in Blue’s family history, on the night of red crescent moon, a wish was made that twisted the fates of every generation that followed. Some have it good. Always good. Some have it bad. And Blue is one of the cursed ones. Changing his fate seems impossible, especially with everyone else in the family vying for the chance. But his new friend Tumble is willing to help.

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