#amreading Boldly

In Will Sparrow’s Road, Will is a liar, a thief, and a runaway who only looks out for himself. But he’s beginning to understand that you can’t trust what a person promises any more than you should put stock in how a person looks. Oddities and rarities and misfits. Good and bad and belonging. The Cathedral of Fear is the fourth book in the series. A mystery that mostly takes place in war-torn Paris … and is riddled with references to streets and sites that would warm any historian’s heart. Interesting references to the famed French author Alexandre Dumas. More adventure than mystery here, since readers aren’t given many clues or enough context to solve the problem. And (alas!) English-speaking readers are left hanging by the final revelation, which hints at more, because these first four books are the only ones that have been translated from the original Italian. And Tiger kicks off a kung fu series. Five young kung fu masters are hidden away by their teacher when their temple is overrun and its one hundred fighting monks slaughtered. They must stop the one who planned this massacre, someone who they considered a brother, one of their Grandmaster’s former pupils. This book takes place from the point of view of Fu, whose name means tiger and who uses tiger-style fighting.

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