#amreading Bravely

In the graphic novel NewsPrints, Blue is a newsboy in a city where the ongoing war against neighboring countries is in the headlines. Making ends meet is tough, so the chance to work part-time for a quirky inventor is a big deal. And then there’s Crow, a new and mysterious friend, and an old friend Hector, who’s a war correspondent on the trail of a big story. Sarah, Plain and Tall is a classic for good reason. When their father sends away for a wife, Anna and Caleb are looking forward to meeting their new mother. They trade letters until her arrival. But will Sarah like them enough to stay? In Missing May, Summer was an unwanted orphan until Uncle Ob and Aunt May take it into their heads to bring her home. It isn’t much, but it’s absolutely everything Summer craved. A loving home. But then Aunt May dies, and Uncle Ob doesn’t seem to know how to go on. Not unless he can get a word from May directly. So he and Summer and a quirky neighbor boy named Cletus set out to do just that.

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