#amreading in Interesting Ways

In The Mystery of the Scarlet Rose, Sherlock, Lupin, and Irene are reunited. While in London together, the trio of friends unriddle a clue in the newspaper that allows them to predict the locations of a series of yet-to-come crimes. But Scotland Yard isn’t about to take advice from three children. In A Nest for Celeste, which is told from the point of view of a mouse. Celeste only wants a nice, safe home and enough food to eat, but when important guests come to the house in which she’s made a home, her life is changed by a gentle boy who treats her kindly. Set up against historical events surrounding the travels and artistry of Mr. Audubon, who is famous for his illustrations of North American birds. In the Fog Diver, Chess is the tether boy for a salvage crew who dives from a balloon-lofted raft into the nanite-ridden fog that’s swamped the entire planet. They’re little more than scroungers, barely getting by in the slums of a planet still suffering from the effects of science-gone-wrong. Fog Diver was one of my favorites. Highly recommended!

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