#amreading With Teeth

The Adventurer’s Guild is perfect for fans of DnD. Best friends Zed and Brock are looking forward to being chosen by one of the guilds in Freestone. A half-elf, Zed would love to be taken by the Mage’s Guild. And Brock, the son of a wealthy merchant, is a lock for the Merchant’s Guild. But Zed’s hopes are ripped to shreds when he’s snatched up by the Adventurer’s Guild, and Brock won’t let him face its dangers alone. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase is a classic-feeling orphan tale in a Gothic sort of setting, where terrible things happen to good children because of bad people who will get their due. And I adored This is Not a Werewolf Story. Raul has always sort of looked out for the littler kids at the boarding school where he spends his weeks, but he doesn’t exactly have friends. On the weekends, when everyone else’s parents pick them up and take them home, Raul heads into the woods. Because he has a secret.

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