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Sunny Side Up is a graphic novel. Sunny goes to stay with her grandfather in a Florida retirement community. The reasons for this visit unfold through a series of flashbacks about her older brother, who’s fallen in with a bad crowd. (Rule-breaking, drinking, drug use, violence, etc.) So Sunny’s mostly stuck with a bunch of old people and their weird habits. In Almost Super, Rafter and his brother Benny are Baileys, and they’re about to come into the family legacy. On Leap Day, every Bailey who’s turned twelve inherits their super power. Which they use in their ongoing battle against the Johnsons (insert fist-shake). But their big moment doesn’t arrive in quite the way it should. Rafter and Benny are determined to get their due, even if it means taking on the Johnsons (insert fist-shake) alone. The Track series wraps up with Lu‘s story. Albinism and armor. Mistakes and making up. Hurdles and hard truths. Lessons learned and lightning striking twice. Amazing series. I loved these kids, their families, their coach, and their courage.

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