#amreading Adventurously

The Wingsnatchers is the first in an exciting new series that mingles sleight of hand with the magic of the seelie courts. Carmer is a magician’s apprentice (the sleight of hand variety) and a dabbler in invention, so he has trouble believing his eyes when he meets a one-winged fairy named Grit. In The Voyage to Magical North, two orphans run away from their employer, only to be captured by pirates. Fanciful world-building and little comedic twists. An ensemble cast who are vividly themselves. And just enough temptation and peril to keep the voyage zinging long nicely. And I finally got around to reading the much-acclaimed Amulet series of graphic novels. When Emily’s family moves to the middle of nowhere, to live in a house that’s been in the family for years, she discovers a strange amulet, which triggers a startling series of events. Monsters in the basement. The entrance to another world. A confusing legacy. A dangerous rescue.

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