#amreading Playfully

Book Report 32

King of Shadows is about a young actor pulled back into the past, where he joins William Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, playing Puck to his Oberon. (So many feels!) Definitely one of my favorite books for the year. Felix Yz is certainly off-beat, but in ways I completely enjoyed. In the lab accident that killed his father, Felix is fused with an alien entity. Mostly about family, the story also slips into LGBTQ territory. My favorite character was Grandy, Felix’s father’s parent, who sometimes goes by Vern and sometimes by Vera and has invented veir own set of gender-neutral pronouns. In Enchanted Glass, Andrew Hope inherits his grandfather’s field-of-care, although he’s a bit vague on what that entails. He has his hands full with the housekeeper and his gardener, who dislike change almost as much as they dislike each other. Then young Aiden shows up on his doorstep. Magical realism in true Dianna Wynne Jones style!

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