#amreading Challenge, take 3

Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge. My new reading routine has settled into a rhythm, and it’s incredibly satisfying to be making steady progress through my “To Read” stacks. Here are some recent middlegrade titles.

amreading, July 2017 ii

The Vengekeep Prophecies is the first in a trilogy by Brian Farrey that features a family of thieves. Cunning and witty. I adored everything about it, but especially Jaxter. It’s tough to live up to the Grimjinx family’s reputation when you’re … well … clumsy.

Liar and Spy isn’t my usual genre, but I do dip into slice-of-life stories from time to time. A boy struggles to adjust to apartment life after his parents are forced to sell their house. Then a neighbor boy enrolls his help in spying on the mysterious Mr. X.

The Wanderer counts as another slice-of-life story, but with a journeying twist. A girl and her cousins spend their summer vacation crossing the Atlantic in a small sailing ship called the Wanderer. The story mixes narrative chapters with log entries.

Yesterday, I finished my fiftieth book, so for the second time this year, I had to boost my Reading Challenge goal. Now, I’m aiming for 75 books in 2017. What have you read lately?

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