#amreading Like Crazy

Here are more books I read in July…

amreading, July 2017

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom is a grin- and giggle-inducing adventure with a fairy tale twist. In the songs of the bards, every princess is known by name, but the princes are simply called … charming. Four prince charmings band together to save the kingdom. There are currently two other books in the series.

Jinx kicks off a fantasy trilogy. The Urwald is a vast forest with an abundance of dangers: tolls, werebears, elves, witches, and evil wizards. When Jinx’s caretakers abandon him in the woods, he’s found by an evil wizard who isn’t so bad. Probably.

The Anybodies is a switched at birth story in which Fern discovers that her very boring parents aren’t hers. She carries a much stranger legacy. Her father is an Anybody. And Fern seems to have her mother’s knack with books.

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