COMING SOON: Ewan’s Track

Byways, for the website

From Primary to Middlegrade. We’re in the borderlands of change with the Byways series. If you’re following the story, you’ve probably noticed that the books are growing steadily longer. An intentional progression. The first thirteen books (which cover the original thirteen colonies) are primary-level chapter books. But beginning with Book #14, the threefold adventure is officially expanding into lower middlegrade territory.

For print editions, this means smaller text and a smaller trim size …  in keeping with the expectations of a growing audience. (In other words, they look like “big kid books.”) For those who don’t like mismatched books on their shelves, I’ve created omnibus editions of the early titles, which document the Johns brothers’ adventures so far.

Full Spread, Ewan's Track

Ewan’s Track is a collection of the Ewan Johns Adventures and includes Books 1, 2, 5, 8, and 11. The paperback releases on June 20, 2017. Zane’s Track will be coming in August, after the July release of Book #12, In the Middle: A Zane Johns Adventure. And Ganix’s Track will follow suit, releasing in October, after Book #13, Among the Tents: A Ganix Johns Adventure comes out in September.

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