#amreading: Book Report


How’d I do? On May 1, I took up a crazy challenge, trying to read a Book a Day in May. How’d I do? Umm … not too shabby, but not quite 30 books. Still, the challenge yielded some intriguing changes of habit. Ones I plan to carry right on through June. Here are five of my take-aways from May:

  1. I’ve set aside a specific block of time to read (both for learning and for pleasure) every day. This is good.
  2. I’m now using my GoodReads account’s features to their fullest. This is accountability.
  3. I am now reviewing the books I’ve enjoyed. As an author myself, I know how much this is appreciated.
  4. This month, I discovered a new favorite author. (I’m looking at you, N.D. Wilson.)
  5. On a related note, I’m now systematically stalking the authors I read & enjoy by following them on GoodReads, Amazon, Twitter, and so on. This way, I’ll always know when there are giveaways, book sales, upcoming titles, etc.

All told, I completed 10 middlegrade/ya books in May, and I’m currently reading two others. I bought six new books (That’d be you again, N.D. Wilson), and I’ve been reading some non-fiction as well. I also completed, edited, and typeset one of my own titles (which will be releasing from Christa Kinde later this month). All good things!

May Books 2017

Expect plenty more #amreading posts in June. And be sure to follow me on GoodReads, where I maintain author accounts for both of my pennames—Christa Kinde and C.J. Milbrandt.

What’s in your summer reading book stack?

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