CHIT-CHAT: My Post Office Box

03 Mail Bag

I like mail. They say you can learn a lot about an author by their books. If nothing else, mine reveal a fondness for the post office. For example, one of the main characters in my Threshold Series (published as Christa Kinde) is a mailman, and the three Byways brothers are sons of Liberty’s postmaster.

029 Teammates by Hannah Christenson

Teammates by Hannah Christenson
Milo Leggett, small town mailman & angel-in-disguise

I enjoy dropping little notes in the mail. Postcards from far-off places warm my heart. My stamp collection is a cheery jumble, two decades in the making. And I can’t seem to stop buying more stationary, envelopes, and stamps. At least once a week, I meander over to check my authorial post office box.

P.O. Box 23053

C. J. Milbrandt
P.O. Box 23053
San Diego, CA 92193

Letters from readers are always fun. Even better, do you know about the Byways Hometown Challenge? I have a special postcard you can only get if you take part! Read more about it here.

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