BYWAYS: Summer Reading Sale

One of my favorite parts of summer as a child was reading. In addition to weekly trips to the library for sacks of books, I owned several series that I would reread each summer. If you’re looking for a summer adventure and e-books are your thing, I’m giving you a heads up. For a limited time, the Byways e-books are going on sale!

Byways, two by five

Each week, I’ll be running a Kindle Countdown Deal on one book in the series. Check back regularly to pick up a $4.99 e-book for just $1.99. Right now, Ewan’s first solo adventure is on sale, so here’s your chance to catch Aboard the Train.

SRSale, Byways 2

And as always, if you’d prefer author-signed/stamped print editions (and you have a PayPal account), I do keep a limited supply on hand. Contact me at milbrandt dot cj at gmail dot com and we’ll work out shipping details.

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