COVER REVEAL: Through the Notches

Through the Notches, header

Jovan studied the blue line that zigzagged west. “I wonder if Grandfather had you in mind when he sketched this route across the map.”

At the heart of Liberty, towns were few and far between. Wide green land, low rolling hills, and a maze of hidden valleys—they marked the eastern boundary of a place where strange things had a way of happening. Magic thrived. Mythical beasts roamed free. No one had ever dared to map all of its mysteries. Not even the rangers who kept peace throughout the land.

“Uncle Vanek knows what I like,” said Zane, who was a great-nephew of Jovan’s grandfather. “He lived out there, didn’t he? During his ranger days.”

“Yes, but that’s a long way from here. In the deepest part of the Wilds.”

—Byways #9, Through the Notches: A Zane Johns Adventure

Wandering and Warning Signs. Zane Johns follows his nose into the sweet-smelling town of Sugar Hill. He can’t wait to join in on their annual games … until he finds out what he has to wear. He, Jovan, and Bree are nowhere near their next waypoint, but the Old Man of the Mountain knows a shortcut.

_09 Through the Notches by C. J. Milbrandt

Book #9 includes state facts from our ninth state—New Hampshire!

3 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL: Through the Notches

  1. Ooo, I LOVE that cover! It’s gorgeous! Of course, the fact that it has a horse and a wolf on it helps (two of my favorite animals) :D.
    ~Savannah Perran


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