CONGRATULATIONS: Byways Review Drive

Byways 1-7

After a month-long lull (during which I finished no less than four manuscripts), I’m catching up with loose ends. Winners of the Byways Review Drive in May have been notified and will soon receive their prizes. Join me in congratulating them!


Arian will also receive an extra-special prize because she took the time to review Books 1, 2, 3, & 4! I’ll be assembling that package for overseas delivery. In related news, Deuce is scheduled to resume this week. Have you missed Aurelius and Ulrica as much as I have? There’s plenty more in store for this well-matched hunting team.

8 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS: Byways Review Drive

  1. Yay! Congrats, Skyeye665 and Soliel! The suspense over this lull has been terrible.
    And I’m so happy Aurelius and Ulrica are returning! I’ve spent the last month or so checking this page every day for news. I can hardly wait!


  2. Oohh wow! :D That Sky name is just TOO particular now, I believe I might just be this Skeye665 person this time hehe!


  3. Congratulations everyone! :-) Oh, and I hope you’re not confused if I comment my name as Skylar, because that’s my full name! ~Skylar


  4. Congrats to Esther, Arian, and Skeye665!
    So excited all these books are all out, Pursuing Prissie too! Can’t wait to read them this summer…Could I get book 7, Across the Line?


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