Prize Drawing Results! Thank you to everyone who took part in the festivities surrounding Harrow’s book birthday! For this blog’s first-ever giveaway, we had a great turn-out. Based on comments to the contest post, in addition to over thirty qualifying entries, five readers haggled up and secured one or more postcards. Here are the drawing winners in the order their names were pulled from the proverbial hat (courtesy of…

  1. Jupe
  2. Soleil
  3. Arian
  4. Esther
  5. Meltintalle
  6. Soleil
  7. Teenstruths
  8. Meltintalle
  9. Jupe
  10. Sky

Extra special thanks to this round’s hagglers, who posted reviews to one or more of the Galleries of Stone Books:

  • Savannah
  • Megan
  • Esther
  • Nextest
  • Elza
  • Shawna
“The trade is good; may our next be better still.”
—Floxish proverb

Please drop me a note if I need your mailing address (or don’t recognize you because you’re using a pseudonym, too). And please jump on in and take part in the Byways Giveaway & Review Drive. Since I’m offering free review copies of the first book in the series, introductions to Ewan, Zane, and Ganix are easy to come by! ; )

18 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS: Giveaway Winners

      1. Oh whoops, I didn’t! I thought it was automatic. Congrats to the fellow Sky person in Nebraska!


  1. Hooray! Yes!!!
    Congrats to everyone!
    Just a question: you said ‘one or more postcards’. How many do we get? Is it equal to the number of things we did to enter the contest?
    Thanks again, Mrs. Kinde :D


      1. And to a range of other things as well. :)

        I was making a mental list of all the ways different people chose to address you over on, and you’ve been Mrs. Kinde, Ms. Kinde, Miss Kinde, Miss Christa (that’s Micailah’s), and Christa, plus Ms. Milbrandt and CJ here.

        I also kept a look out for ‘Mom’, but I didn’t spot it. :D


    1. There were ten postcards up for grabs in the drawing. Some people won two. Then, there’s the hagglers, who secured the matching postcard to the story they reviewed. And folks who reviewed Harrow scored a bonus postcard with the cover art for Deuce. So between one and four.

      Since you reviewed Meadowsweet and Harrow, and your name came up once in the drawing, you’ll receive all four! ; )


  2. Two of MY sisters won!
    Congrats to everyone else who had won as well!
    Thanks for giving everyone this opportunity Mrs. Milbrandt!
    You are SO kind! :-)
    – Jaidyn


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