ART: Freydolf & Tupper [Galleries of Stone]

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From time to time, I’ll be sharing sketches and illustrations from Galleries of Stone on this blog. These art posts include pieces I’ve commissioned, as well as gift art. Today, I’ll share a study in contrasts. Tupper and Freydolf couldn’t be more different, but they are bond-brothers in the Pred tradition.

The sculptor’s eyes were downcast, and he looked extremely uncomfortable. Tupper was nervous that he’d inadvertently done something wrong and looked to Aurelius. The other Pred was staring hard at his brother-in-law. “Frey?” he inquired sweetly. “Did the sprat give you his name?”

—excerpted from Galleries of Stone, Book 1: Meadowsweet

Freydolf - Tupper by WhiteFoxCub“Freydolf – Tupper” by WhiteFoxClub

1, 2Look forward to brand new stories in the Galleries of Stone universe this winter, including Galleries of Stone, Book 3: Rakefang, which is due out in February 2015, and Deuce, a weekly serial that will pit young Aurelius Harrow against a vivacious, highborn huntress named Ulrica Rakefang.

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