COUNTDOWN: Harrow Releases in One Week

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One week from today, Harrow will pick up two years after Meadowsweet left off. The second book in the Galleries of Stone trilogy brings back familiar faces, most notably Aurelius Harrow, the merchant who acts as Master Freydolf’s agent. His return to the gray mountain will complicate Tupper Meadowsweet’s quiet days in brand new ways.

Newsletter subscribers received the entirety of Harrow‘s first chapter yesterday. (Not a subscriber? Join the list here.) In an effort to further pique your interest, today I’m sharing a snippet from Chapter 2 …

H04 Griffin

Aurelius breezed through the door first and immediately exclaimed, “What’s this?”

Stashing the trunk in the corner, Freydolf joined his agent, who circled his current sculpture. Unsure why the other man seemed so indignant, Frey answered, “It’s the griffin we discussed last autumn. Why? Is something wrong?”

“Aye! It’s nearly finished!”


“This block of brownstone was meant to keep you busy for an entire year.” Golden eyes narrowed. “You’re getting faster.”

“Perhaps.” With an easy grin, he suggested, “Maybe you should start bringing me more rocks.”


A little hurt, Freydolf countered, “I like to stay busy. What’s wrong with bringing in more work?”

Aurelius’s hands fluttered in frustration. “Think about it!”

“About what?”

“Happier, healthier, cleaner, faster—Tupper’s mothering has done wonders for you. You’re in your prime, Frey. It’s time!”

He shook his head in consternation. “For what?”

With a longsuffering sigh, Aurelius replied, “You should start your masterpiece.”

—excerpted from Harrow, Chapter 2

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Meadowsweet is available now: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo
Harrow releases in one week, on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Story Summary: For two years, Tupper Meadowsweet has kept his promise to be brave and do his best. But during the spring when he turns thirteen, Aurelius Harrow returns to the Statuary with something other than blocks of magical stone and gossipy tidbits. Master Freydolf will rely on Tupper more than ever as they spend a season dealing with runaways, star-crossed lovers, skittish villagers, and rumors of a thirteenth magical mountain. But the greatest mystery of all may be Tupper himself, for the boy’s affinity for stone defies explanation.

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