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ART: Ulrica Rakefang

Deuce is a prequel to Galleries of Stone. It tells the story of how a dockside boy & a hilltop girl managed to meet, despite all the reasons they never should have.

“Ulrica Unpierced” | art by FoxOfTwilight

The ongoing serial is a Patreon exclusive. If you’re willing and able to support me there, a basic subscription (any of the $5/month tiers) will give you access to story updates.

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Deuce, a Galleries of Stone prequel, has updated for my patrons. Ch2: “Advantage, Disadvantage,” is now available. Those at the Journeyman & Keeper tiers, who get to read ahead, now have access to Ch8: “Food, Shelter.” Do you want to read along? You can become one of my patrons here >>

The story updates twice a month. Patrons can also look forward to story news about all of CJ’s books, first looks at new art, and art cards in the mail. Thank you for supporting my stories wherever they can be found. ~CJ