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Come Alongside. I’m working steadily behind the scenes to bring out more books, including new titles in the Byways series. The Galleries of Stone trilogy is going to audio, and a second trilogy is in the works. Journeyman of Stone, Bk1: Farley is scheduled to release in 2023! There is a series of short stories in the works: Legends of the Twelve Mountains, and I’ve begun posting a Patreon-exclusive prequel called Deuce, which winds all the way back to the summer when Aurelius Harrow & Ulrica Rakefang are vying for that all-important rite of passage that will lead to piercing.

What’s Patreon? Patreon is a site that helps connect creators with the people who love their stuff. By becoming a patron, you can pick a tier and pledge a set amount of money per month. For instance, if you want to read Deuce, that “subscription” is $5/month.

What are Tiers? I’ve done my best to personalize my Patreon tiers. ALL patrons will get exclusive news & updates about what I’m working on behind the scenes. (I’ve provided samples in a series of public posts if you want to take a gander.) But let’s say you want to cheer on Ewan Johns. Then you might select the Team Ewan tier, which has the added perk of a couple of postcards per year featuring art of him/his team. Or maybe you don’t like to wait for updates, so you jump up to the Journeyman tier, which stays 6 chapters ahead of the rest.

Byways Books tiers:

  • Team Ewan (2 postcards a year featuring Ewan’s team)
  • Team Zane (2 postcards a year featuring Zane’s team)
  • Team Ganix (2 postcards a year featuring Ganix’s team)
  • Team Crossover (Can’t choose? All three brothers’ postcards)
  • Grapevine (4 additional postcards + gossip/excerpts + annual gift)

Galleries of Stone tiers:

  • Deuce (story subscription)
  • Apprentice (4 postcards a year)
  • Journeyman (early access + audio edition + annual gift)

And if you happen to be one of those rare readers who wants ALL the things, I have the Keeper tier, which includes all the perks from all the tiers.

What do you use the money for? I have many small expenses that recur monthly. Ordinary stuff like subscriptions to Creative Cloud/InDesign, maintaining a PO Box, and keeping this blog ad-free. I have illustrators to pay for cover art, a graphic designer, and the proofers who help suss out typos in my manuscripts. And of course, some of the money I make via Patreon will go right into art cards and postage stamps. But that’s fun stuff! I enjoy planning gifts and sending mail.

I’ve stocked my Patreon account with several public posts, so you can head on over and see what you’re getting into. Peruse the lists of perks and do what makes sense for you. (Or by all means, splurge.) You’ll find me very grateful.

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3 thoughts on “CJ on Patreon

  1. I LOVE the Galleries of Stone series and am looking forward to your Journeymen series, but was wondering if I could donate to your Ko-fi for Forthwrites instead? My income is uncertain sometimes (which is why Patreon’s monthly subscription doesn’t always work for me personally), but I love supporting my fave artist/writers/creators! Thank you!


    1. I know Patreon doesn’t work for everyone. You could buy me a ko-fi if you like. Or find other ways to show love for the stories that have become dear, like rating/reviewing them & recommending them to others. ALL kinds of support is absolutely welcome & much appreciated!


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