The Luck Uglies

The Luck Uglies
Paul Durham

Durham, Paul - The Luck Uglies

Rye O’Chanter and her friends run a bit wild in Village Drowning, bending rules and breaking laws. But harmless fun changes to real danger when Rye encounters a Bog Noblin, horrible creatures who eat people and wear their feet for necklaces. In times past, the villagers trusted the Luck Uglies to keep them safe, but no one’s allowed to speak of them these days. They’re considered exiles and outlaws … and worse.

Cloaked strangers and strange beasts. Muddled histories and family secrets. Protective charms and black moon nights. A classic-feeling tale with Celtic undertones. Family pride and affection run deep, and Rye’s quick wits and courage won my heart. I want more, so I’ll be seeking out more of this series.

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