Flight of the Phoenix

Flight of the Phoenix
Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist, #1
R. L. LaFevers

LaFevers, RL - Flight of the Phoenix

When Nathaniel’s parents are lost at sea, he’s sent to live with his father’s cousin, who decides it’s high time 10-yr-old Nate take up the Fludd family tradition of adventuring. Governesses and tidy sums. Aunts and airplanes. Mapmakers and mites. Spitting camels and hungry gremlins.

This! This is my favorite kind of lower middle grade story—simple enough for young readers, but smart and funny, with an appealing amount of character development and a tidy plot-line. Not to mention some lovely foreshadowing, which promises more of the same.

Added bonus, this is beautifully illustrated. Cheerfully adding this series to the home shelf!

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