Kathleen Van Cleve

Van Cleve, Kathleen - Drizzle

Polly Peabody’s family lives on what can only be called a magical farm. Their house is a castle. Nobody can drown in their lake. The insects are surprisingly intelligent. And it rains every Monday at 1:00 p.m., without fail. Which does wonders for their rhubarb crops. But events conspire, and it looks as if they might lose the farm.

Rhubarb and emerald rings. School bullies and best friends. Dragon flies and dark towers. Sabotage and saving the farm. Absolutely fun, uplifting without being overly sweet. Deals practically with so many monumental things: mean girls, phobias, grief, regrets, resilience, future plans, and pulling together as a family in the face of losing what’s most precious.

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