In a baffling blend of trans-continental traditions, Aurelius touched his forehead, his lips, and his chest, then bowed low. With careless deference, he intoned, “Sprat, for your foresight, your forays, and your forbearance where this big oaf is concerned, you have earned my gratitude! I shall proclaim it in Verit, Terse, Prose, and Skrit!”

—HARROW by C. J. Milbrandt

2 thoughts on “Harrow

  1. Oh, I definitely need to read your Galleries of Stone series! I already love the Threshold series and your Byways books. =)

    My little sisters and I sent you some postcards for the hometown challenge from where we currently live, in WA, since we move a lot and don’t have a hometown. Hope you like them! =)



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