MINNESOTA TRIP: Spotting a Harrow

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Hello from my hometown! Those familiar with this blog may remember that while I currently make my home in Southern California, I’m originally from a small town in Minnesota. From time to time, I come back to the north country to visit my folks, who still live in the same old farmhouse where I grew up. Many aspects of the Galleries of Stone trilogy find their roots in my rural upbringing—rolling pastures, garden fare, and flocks of chickens. On past trips, I spotted another tie-in. Something I’d forgotten even though I’m sure we drove past it a few times each week. Today, we stopped to snap a picture!


I grew up on Scandia Trail in Scandia, MN … so Harrow Avenue crosses my street (albeit several miles from our driveway). I’m quite sure that Aurelius is pleased, proud, smug, or some combination thereof.

Don’t forget that there’s a challenge running. I’ve already sent off two notecards to folks who have taken part in my…

Minnesota Trip Mini-Challenge >>

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