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Suddenly, Freydolf realized they’d run up against a rather large cultural gap. With a measure of chagrin, he asked, “Haven’t you heard of the ocean?”

Tupper’s eyes narrowed in thought. “Old Gruff sometimes talks about a place with water as wide as the plains. Ewert figures he made it up, but Farley likes the idea, so he says it’s true.”

“The ocean’s real,” Freydolf assured, wishing he could show the lad.

—excerpt from Meadowsweet, Chapter 14

Four Continents. The world in which the Galleries of Stone trilogy takes place is divided into four known continents. Each populated by various races. Each boasting three magical mountains. Since Aurelius acts as Freydolf’s agent, he’s traveled extensively, and it’s his business to be fluent in all the main trade languages. His lecture on oceans and continents boggles young Tupper’s mind … and pushes his boundaries just a little bit further.

Home Continent. Although the Pred refer to their own land as “home,” elsewhere around the world, theirs is called New Continent. The Pred dominate territory to the west, where fertile land slopes down to sprawling port cities. The Flox reside in a land-locked central region. Their rolling green hillsides are separated from the Pred by dense old-tree forests. And in the southeast, plains quickly give way to a desert. The Drom occupy these sun-drenched lands, which are a hub for trade in spices, oils, and silks.

Common Language: Verit
Races: Pred, Flox, and Drom
Mountains: Starstone (white), Moonstone (gray), and Sunstone (gold)

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